Gingerbread Decoration Party

Ages 4+

Gingerbread Decorating Parties are not just for Christmas! At Splurge Bakery, we decorate Haunted houses, Hanukkah Chalets, Valentine Mailboxes and of course lots of Gingerbread Houses!

You can purchase houses to decorate at home and or let us host a birthday party or group event for you here at Splurge Bakery.

A Gingerbread Decorating Party here at Splurge Bakery is $650 for a minimum of 10 kids. Each additional child is $65.00.

Party includes a pre-built house, candy and icing. Make your own pizza is included.

Parties are 1 ½ hours.

Purchase a house to decorate at home. Pre-built house, icing and candy included. Price is $50.00 per house.

Call us with any of your holiday party ideas!


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